I’m going to let you in on a Betterment secret. People are always asking me for our secret sauce—read on and you’ll learn about a key ingredient.

From the beginning of Betterment, technology has been a big part of the story behind that mission. It’s a critical part of how we’ve built our company—to do the things we do for customers requires better technology than what the incumbents can offer. Our technology is why the term “robo-advisor” has pervaded the space we created, and why stock photos of literal robots appear in just about every article that mentions our name.

Unbeknownst to those who would portray us as robots (often disparagingly), we’ve always had a secret powering our success, the less-talked-about reason for our recognized, industry-leading service: our people. (Shhh, don’t share it, everyone will want one.) Yes, our living, breathing human experts.

While our shiny tech pleases crowds and wins awards, over the years, our human Investment Committee has carefully personalized our investment portfolios, our Investment and Advice teams have written algorithms and moonlighted by counseling tens of thousands of customers, and our Customer Support team has always been available by phone, email, or chat seven days a week, talking to hundreds of thousands of people. Real people, real talk. Now you know.

Some of you already provide access to licensed financial experts for your employees, giving them a one-on-one relationship with an expert who can monitor their money. But for those of you who don’t, we’re excited to share that now, our financial experts are going to play an even bigger role in our service for customers.

We’re opening access to CFP® professionals and licensed financial experts.

Starting Jan. 31, we’ll offer your employees who have personal Betterment accounts access to a team of CFP® professionals and licensed financial experts to help monitor their accounts, answer their financial questions, and give them advice. Employees who elect the offering will receive advice across all of their accounts, including their 401(k) and personal account at Betterment. Additionally, for employees who want a more dedicated relationship, we’ll be able to match them to their own personal independent advisor through the Betterment Advisor Network™.

These offerings can complement access to financial advisors your company may already provide for your employees or serve as an incremental benefit.

For all of us who work here, Betterment has always been a no-brainer. We believe, and vote with our livelihoods, that Betterment is the right place to invest your money if you care most about long-term returns. Our digital advice has made us the largest independent automated advisor—and now we are proud to complement our digital advice with access to our team of CFP® professionals and licensed experts advisors for your employees with personal accounts with Betterment.

We’ve brought together the best technology and unbiased human advice, because sophisticated investors require both high-tech and high-touch forms of advice to satisfy their increasingly complex financial needs. We believe we are the only company you can be sure is constantly working to make the most of your money.

Betterment offers your employees the best of both worlds: the best investment technology on the market, plus the reassurance of a trusted financial expert who can help them plan and keep an eye on their money. Now, your employees can have peace of mind knowing there’s a financial expert who is looking out for them—monitoring their money and ready to talk about it.

We Can Partner with Your Employees Based on Their Individual Financial Needs

For many of your employees with personal Betterment accounts, that means continuing to use our digital-first platform, which will now be called Betterment Digital. It’s for those who want to continue connecting with Betterment primarily through our website and mobile apps. Betterment Digital includes all of the proven investing strategies and account services that make Betterment the better way to invest today: our intelligent investment portfolio, automatic rebalancing, Tax-Loss Harvesting+™, Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™, RetireGuide™, and the ability to sync external financial accounts. For your employees, who want a partner to help proactively review their accounts, help answer their questions, and act as another set of eyes to make sure their money is in order, we’ll have a new offering: Betterment Premium will include unlimited access to our team of CFP® professionals and licensed financial experts.1

1401(k) accounts through Betterment for Business are subject to a separate fee schedule.

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