Why You Should Treat Retirement Like A Startup Business

By Chris Carosa

“Don’t let the great, big end-goal be the enemy of small moves you can make today,” says Amy Ouellette, director of retirement services at Betterment for Business in New York City. “Just like starting a business doesn’t require that you perfect your marketing, accounting, or product management skills overnight, you don’t have to become an investing guru or financial planner to get started saving for retirement. Start with small habits and with what you know – whether it’s enrolling in your 401(k) plan, starting an IRA, or even a savings account — and keep an eye on the end game as you grow your confidence. Over time you’ll be able to take bigger steps forward and learn from mistakes to build your plan and make it happen.”

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This article originally published September 25th, 2019 on Forbes.

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