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5 Top Education Topics 401k Plan Sponsors Need To Ask About But Don’t

By Christopher Carosa

This is not a difficult workshop to ask for. “Beyond helping employees save money for retirement,” says Amy Ouellette, Director of Retirement Services for Betterment for Business in New York City, “certain 401k providers work to enhance employees’ entire financial picture and well-being. For starters, plan sponsors should ask for tools that take into account their employees specific needs and situations. The best saving options will differ among employees, so there is a need for personalization. Additionally, plan sponsors can look for tools that aggregate outside accounts. With all of employees’ outside accounts in one place, employees can understand the impact their 401k contributions are having on their overall financial picture and therefore, make goal-based, holistic financial decisions.”

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This article originally published July 2nd, 2019 on Fiduciary News.

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